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1. Charge your Pebble
Charge Pebble by connecting the charge cable to a USB port on a computer or a standard USB wall adapter. Then attach the magnetic end to Pebble.​ Press and hold any button for 2 seconds to turn Pebble on. 

Pebble should look like this. (If Pebble displays something different, click here to learn how to pair your phone with Pebble, then return back)

2. Download the Pebble app
     On your iPhone browser, go to, click 'iPhone or iPod' and then click this link to go to
     the iTunes app store and download Pebble Smartwatch app: 


3. Pair your Pebble with your iOS device  
  • From your phone home screen, tap Settings -> Bluetooth.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is "On"

  • When it appears in the list (should appear in 30 seconds), tap "Pebble XXXX" where X is a series of 4 alphanumeric characters. If more than one Pebble appears, click here.
  • A message will appear that says “Pebble XXXX would like to pair with your device”. Press “Pair”.
  • iOS 6 only: Tap the blue arrow button next to Pebble XXXX. Enable 'Show Notifications'. If this doesn't appear, tap 'back' and then tap the blue arrow again. 
  • To go back to your home screen and tap the Pebble icon.  ​

4. Update the firmware 
  • If there is a new PebbleOS software version available, the Pebble App prompt you to update. 
  • Tap the glowing red status icon
  • Tap ‘Software updates available’.

  • Tap ‘Update Now’ to install the latest Pebble firmware.
  • The update should take around 1-2 minutes. 

5. Test the connection
     For instructions on how to test the connection by sending test notifications or Pings, click here

6. Explore and enjoy!
     After the update is complete, Pebble will restart automatically.
  • Press the Back button on Pebble to go to Launcher or press the Select button on the Pebble to go to a watch face
  • The time on Pebble will be automatically synced with your smartphone.
  • From the Launcher, you can select a Watchface App, the Music App & More!

Still having trouble?
If the information above did not solve your issue, please contact our Support Team through your Pebble app.

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