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Setting Up Actionable Notifications

  • Tap the three vertical dots at the top of the Pebble app and select Settings.
  • Tap "Notification Responses."

  • Fill in the provided spaces with prepared, customized responses for SMS messages up to 64 characters long.
  • Use the  symbol in the top right to add more responses, to a maximum of 10.
  • To reorder your responses, hold the  symbol to the left of your message and drag it into the new position.
  • When you're finished, just hit the back button and your customized responses will be saved.

Using Actionable Notifications

  • When you receive an SMS on your watch, press the select (middle right) button.
  • Select "Reply with Text" and then "Canned Messages."
  • Scroll through the responses you've set up.
  • Press the select button to send the reply directly from your watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can I reply to, but not dismiss, a notification for SMS messages?
    When you have the "SMS Messages" option enabled in the notification settings, you're using Pebble's own built-in SMS notifications. We've chosen to create our own SMS option to provide consistent, specific information taken directly from the Android database.
    We are also manually implementing the reply function ourselves. Unfortunately, this means that Android will not allow us to use a dismiss action.
    Of course, you can choose to use a 3rd-party app instead, which may have Dismiss or Open on Phone actions, but they will only have Reply if the 3rd-party app supports that wearable action. To do this, un-check the "SMS Notifications" option on the notification settings screen, then select your preferred SMS app in the "All Apps" screen.

  2. Why can't I enable other SMS apps under "All Apps"? It's greyed out.
    We've disabled notifications from 3rd-party SMS apps to prevent duplicate notifications from coming through to your Pebble.
    If you would prefer to use a 3rd-party instead of the default Pebble SMS notifications, un-check 
    the "SMS Notifications" from the main notification settings screen. This will allow you to select the 3rd-party app when you go back to the "All Apps" menu. 

  3. Why don't Hangouts notifications have a reply action?
    To be able to respond to a Hangouts notification, you will need to have the Android Wear app installed on your phone. 
    The Wear app doesn't need to be active, setup, or connected to a Pebble smartwatch - it just needs to be installed.

  4. I receive most notifications, but some don't come through to my Pebble from certain apps
    Several apps, such as Tasker, Google Now, and similar apps that produce repetitive notifications, are blocked as part of the effort to prevent duplicate notifications. 

    A notification which has the exact same context as a previous notification from the same application will be marked as a duplicate and not sent to the watch.

  5. Why can't I pick actions when I go into the notifications history on my Pebble?
    Unfortunately, actions are only available when the notification first comes in. We are looking into this option for future firmware updates.

  6. Why can't I dismiss notifications on my (below Android 4.3) device?
    The Android OS only made notification dismissal possible for us in Android 4.3 and upwards.

  7. How do I get gmail notifications?The gmail settings are gone.
    Gmail notifications come directly from the gmail app, so you will need to make sure that gmail is enabled under "All Apps". 
    Notifications will only be generated on Pebble if they are generated in the system tray by the gmail app.

    This has many advantages:

    • No lag between the gmail coming in and your Pebble getting the message
    • Less impact on your phone's battery
    • Better formatting for email notifications
    • Actions are now available for gmail notifications
    • You can filter notifications in the gmail app, e.g. only notify for priority inbox
    • You don't need to give Pebble gmail authentication

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