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With the release of Pebble's iOS app version 1.2, iOS users are now able to receive email notifications to their Pebbles. Please note that your Pebble app must be running (at least in the background) in order for the notifications to come through.

Set-Up an email account
Temporarily disable email notifications
Remove an email account

Set up an account for iOS email notifications:
After Pebble is successfully connected to your iOS device, tap the message icon  at the bottom of the main app screen.

On the Email notifications screen, tap the "Add account" button and select what kind of email account you will be setting up.
Please note: At this time, Pebble can only receive notifications from IMAP emails.
Gmail Set-Up
Once you have filled in your account information and signed in, you will need to grant Pebble permission to access the contents of your email. If you would like more details about what will be accessed, simply tap on the information icon  to the right of the category you're interested in. Once satisfied, tap "Accept".


"Other" Set-Up
Please fill in the your email address, the host, and password for your non-gmail email address and tap the "Save" button.

Now the account is set up.
Temporarily disable notifications:

Once it has been successfully set up, you will see the account listed on the Email Notifications page. A blue bar means that the account is active. If you would like to temporarily disable the notifications, simply tap the bar once to turn them off; it will appear grey when the notifications are disabled.
Tap the bar again when you wish to re-enable the notifications.
Remove an account:
To remove an email account from your Pebble app, find it listed under the Email Notifications screen. Tap the arrow  to the right of the account you want removed.

Tap the Delete button and the email account will immediately be removed from your app notifications.

Please note Unlike other notification types on iOS, email is not a push notification. Instead the Pebble iOS App checks for new email every 15 minutes and sends any new email notifications to your Pebble. Like other notifications if you receive more than one email, they will be presented in a stack that you can scroll through.
If you are emailing yourself to test notifications, it is possible that your email client will not treat it as an unread message and Pebble may not return it.

If you are still having trouble receiving email notifications, please first make sure that you have signed up an IMAP email account.
If that is true, please try signing in again to confirm your settings. To do this, simply tap the blue arrow to the right of your account.

For a gmail account, tap "Edit" and confirm your sign-in information. You will also have the opportunity to review what information Pebble has access to by selecting the information icon  next to the section you're interested in.

For "other" accounts, tap the blue arrow 
, and reconfirm the email, host, and password for your accounts.

When you're finished, hit "Save".

If you are still having issues after re-confirming your sign-in information, please "Contact support" from the status screen of your Pebble app.

Still having trouble?
If the information above did not solve your issue, please contact our Support Team through your Pebble app.

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