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If you have not paired Pebble with your iOS device yet, please click here first.

Also, make sure that you are running the latest version of the Pebble app from the iTunes App Store.

With the iOS7 Notification Center, Pebble can receive notifications for any apps that you set up to send alerts to your iPhone (4s or later iDevices). 

Please Note:
The advanced notifications center, which allows Pebble to receive notifications from any apps you set up for notifications on your phone, is only available for devices running above iOS 7.
However, basic phone notifications (SMS, email, and call notifications) are also available for devices running iOS 6. 

To see what version of iOS you're using, on your iOS device, go to Settings >> General >> About and it will be listed next to version. To find out if and how you can update your iOS, please visit Apple's support website.

Setting Up Notifications
let's make sure that the notifications are set up correctly for Phone and Messages.
On your iPhone, enter Settings -> Notifications.


Apps that you would like to receive notifications from need to be listed under "Include" and have their notification style set as "Banner" or "Alerts".
Pebble will not receive notifications from apps listed under "Do Not Include". You can use the Edit button on the top right to include or exclude apps.

Select an app that you would like to receive notifications for. Make sure that app has the following settings:

1. Allow Notifications is "On"

2. Show on Lock Screen is "On"

3. Alerts Style is set to "Banners" or A



Please also make sure that notifications are configured correctly on your Pebble.
From the main menu: Settings >>Notifications >> Notifications "On", and the Do Not Disturb feature either disabled or not enabled for the current time.




Settings for specific apps

In order to receive notifications to your Pebble, you must have the option "Allow Notifications" enabled for each app you'd like to push through.


While simply enabling the "Allow Notifications" is enough to set up notifications from many apps, there are some that require additional set-up.

Here is what we have discovered so far:
The following apps need nothing more than "
Allow Notifications" for their notifications to appear on Pebble.

  • iOS 7 email

  • SMS and iMessages

  • Calendar

  • CalenMob

  • BBM

At least one of the alert styles (banners, alerts, badge app icon, or alert sound) must be enabled for the following apps, in addition to having "Allow Notifications" on.

  • Gmail

  • Hangouts

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Snapchat

The following apps require that the banners alert style specifically be chosen in order to deliver notifications to Pebble:

  • Twitter

If you are aware of any other apps which require a special set up, please contact our Support Team with the subject "App Set Up".

How to stop notifications from going to Pebble
To prevent an app from pushing notifications to Pebble, simply disable the "Allow Notifications" option. You will still be able to set it up to receive the app notifications on your phone, it just won't show in your Notification Center. 

To turn them off, tap your settings icon , then choose Notifications, and tap any app that you'd like to prevent from showing on Pebble.

For each app that you'd like to stop notifications from, disable the "Allow Notifications" option.

If you would like to continue receiving the notifications on your iOS device, simply select your preferred alert style and they will continue coming through to your phone, even while the "Allow Notifications" is disabled. 


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