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Download RunKeeper:

First, you will need to download the RunKeeper app to your phone, if you have not done so already. Click on the appropriate icon below for a direct link.

Get it on Google Play Get it from the App Store

Connecting RunKeeper and Pebble:

If you're Pebble app is up-to-date and your watch is currently connected to your phone, you should be all set! You don't have to download anything directly on to Pebble.

When your watch is connected to RunKeeper, you should see a 'watch' icon present on the start screen in the upper left hand corner.


Using Pebble with RunKeeper:

  • If you switch to Kilometers, you may need to restart the RunKeeper app

  • You cannot explicitly start or stop an activity from the Pebble watch. Only pause-resume actions are possible.

  • Once you hit Start from the RunKeeper app, the three stats that will appear on the Pebble watch are:

    • Average Pace (average speed is not currently available)

    • Time

    • Distance

  • To pause or resume a workout, click the right-middle button on your Pebble watch (or in the RunKeeper app on your phone).

  • Once you're done with your activity, you must hit the Stop button on the RunKeeper app.

Help! Pebble won't connect to RunKeeper

To connect Pebble and RunKeeper, all of the following must be true:

  • Your Pebble device must be paired, and connected with your phone. For troubleshooting connections, please click here.

  • You must turn Bluetooth notifications on for your Pebble device (Android instructions, iOS instructions)

  • You must be using an up-to-date version of the Pebble App and Pebble firmware.
    You can check for Pebble firmware updates in the Pebble mobile app. You can check for new Pebble mobile apps in the Apple App store, or Google Play. 

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