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Documents for Customs: Invoice or CE/IC Certification

Last Updated: May 06, 2013 07:56AM PDT
From our experience, when a Pebble is stopped at customs, the agents are generally looking for the following:

1. Proof of Payment. You should have a copy of your proof of payment through Amazon Payments.

2. Pebble Invoice. Please contact and include the word "Invoice" in your email subject. We will get you an invoice right away. 
Please only request an invoice if you have been asked for one by customs. By waiting until the request comes through, we are kept involved and can accurately track the number of backers who experience these customs interferences and make adjustments to help subsequent shipments avoid these issues.

3. In rare cases, customs will ask you for more documentation regarding Pebble's CE certifications in Europe (CE Certification) or IC certifications in Canada (IC Certification).

You will find the CE and IC test reports in their entirety through those links. If customs has difficulty associating those reports with Pebble - please show then pages 136 to 139 of the CE report or pages 107 to 111 in the IC report. These pages show pictures of Pebble through various stages of the CE/IC certification tests. Please note: referenced page numbers will only appear correctly after downloading / printing the documents. They will not show accurately if simply viewed online.

4. Pebble Manual (English).
    Pebble Manual (German).

Notes: In cases where we will be splitting your orders, for example so that you get Black units first, you will find that the amount on your Amazon proof of payment is greater than the amount on the invoice. This is expected because the invoice will only account for the number of units in that shipment. Please explain the discrepancy to customs if asked.
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